Reflective Address Signs

The Fort Ellis Fire Service Area is large (59 square miles) and diverse.  When you call 911, every second counts and we want to deliver emergency services to you as quickly and professionally as possible.  To make this happen, we rely on our homeowners to address their property as completely as possible.  This means readable addresses BOTH at the end of driveways AND on houses.  An address on a mailbox is not enough when we are trying to find you quickly.  PLEASE, take the time to make sure we can find you.  Look at your home from all sides and think of how it will look in the dark.  Help us to help your family!

Fort Ellis Fire/Rescue is pleased to announce a new program to help homeowners make better addressing a reality.  Fort Ellis volunteers will erect a new address stake with reflective numbering at the entrance to your driveway.  You can choose a vertical or a horizontal sign.  We will normally mount the sign on a metal post but you can choose to have it mounted on an existing post as shown in the pictures below.   A suggested $50 donation to the Fort Ellis Rural Fire Corporation will help defray the costs of this important initiative.

To Arrange for your sign:

Please click on the "signs_form_2015.pdf" link below and return it to us. 


please send us email at, call the station 587-0236, or see us at the picnic to order your sign.

Fort Ellis Fire,
Aug 19, 2015, 3:24 PM