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Emergency Preparedness

Risk Management


Strategies for Staying Safe

In addition to providing emergency response to our district, Fort Ellis Fire strives to enhance the safety and well-being of all of our residents through prevention and emergency preparedness. Below are just some of the ways in which we strive to provide these resources to our district. 


Gallatin county community notification system

The Community Notification System is a free mass notification app that officials in Gallatin County use to provide urgent information to our community.  In addition to its primary goal of providing emergency information, registered residents who wish to receive non-emergent information can request to receive that too.


sprinklers & smoke alarms

Smoke alarms are often our first defense in surviving a structure fire emergency. Does your home or business have a working smoke detector? Are the batteries still good? It's critical to check these items in your home at least every six months. If you need help obtaining, installing, or inspecting a smoke detector, please contact us right away. A working smoke detector is a critical safety measure for every home and workplace. Sprinkler systems further mitigate damage to your home and property, and can greatly reduce the the chance of death or injury in a fire. Contact us to learn more about how sprinkler systems can benefit your family and business.


REflective address signs

When you call 911, every second counts and we want to deliver emergency services to you as quickly as possible.  To make this happen, we rely on our homeowners to address their property as completely as possible. Consider the visibility of your home's address, especially at night or in adverse weather. Is your address easy to locate? Is it obscured by vegetation? If you have a long driveway, can your address be seen from the main road?  Ensuring that your address is easy to see means that help can get to you as soon as possible.