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Fort Ellis Fire/Rescue always is looking for new volunteers. We are after district residents or those working in our district who have the interest and commitment to try something new that will – guaranteed – be both challenging and rewarding.  You don’t have to go into burning buildings to be a member of the fire department, and you don't have to be an ironman. Both female and male volunteers are valuable, particularly if they can respond during the daytime. We need help in all activities of the fire department including management, building and equipment maintenance, and emergency medical care as well as wildland and structure fire responses. You have to care enough about your neighbors, friends and families to give a little of yourself and your time to help out when they have an emergency. 

Fort Ellis Fire/Rescue responds to about 130 emergency calls each year including: 

• Medical Emergencies - heart attacks, diabetic emergencies, falls, cuts. 

• Motor Vehicle Accidents - mostly on Interstate 90.  These may involve extrication with using tools such as the “jaws of life,” medical treatment of traumatic injuries, and scene safety and traffic control.

• Wildland Fires - lightning strikes in the forests, fires along the railroad, out-of-control "controlled" burns and trash fires.

• Structure Fires – fires in residences, garages/sheds, commercial buildings

• Mutual Aid - to surrounding fire districts, including the city of Bozeman, for structure and wildland fires.


How do we do all this and still stay safe? We spend much time training to properly respond to emergency situations. We train every Tuesday evening – both classroom and field training – in a variety of disciplines.  In addition, we send firefighters to additional training opportunities such as the well-known Fire School in Cody, Wyoming.   Standard training includes basic wildland (8 hours); EMT-first responder (40 hours); hazardous materials operations (8 hours); components of the firefighter 1 curriculum. 


What does one have to do to be a member of the fire department? Fort Ellis Fire/Rescue typically brings on a new recruit class of 8-10 individuals every November.  We generally do not bring on volunteers before this time, unless they have had significant experience already.  Please contact Assistant Chief Buck Taylor for more information at 406-539-9358 or btaylor@fortellisfire.org