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About Open Burning

Visit www.burnpermits.mt.gov to purchase your burn permit.

Open Burning Allowed with a Gallatin County Burn Permit

Essential Agricultural Burning on a farm or ranch is allowed with a permit to eliminate excess vegetative matter from irrigation ditches, cultivated fields, and improve range conditions or wildlife habitat. This burning is allowed from March 1 through October 31.

Prescribed Wildland Open Burning is allowed with a permit for the improvement of wildlife habitat, reduce fire hazards, controlling forest pests and forest regeneration. Prescribed wildland open burning may be conducted between March 1 and November 30.

General Open Burning is any burning other than the two listed above and may be done between March 1 through August 31.

For any burning during the months of September through November the burner must call 1-800-225-6779 for an Air Quality Report in Airshed 8A for burning at the burner's elevation.

Materials Prohibited for Open Burning by ARM 17.8.604*
• Food Wastes
• Styrofoam and Other Plastics
• Animal Droppings
• Dead Animals or Dead Animal Parts
• Asbestos or Asbestos-containing Material
• Treated Lumber and Timbers
• Pathogenic Wastes
• Hazardous Materials
• Materials Resulting from Salvage Operations
• Automobile or Aircraft Bodies and Interiors
• Insulated Wire
• Oil and Petroleum Products
• Standing or Demolished Structures
• Wastes Generating Noxious Odors
• Poultry Litter
• Tires
• Rubber Material
• Tar paper
• Chemicals
• Asphalt Shingles

*Any individual igniting an open burning fire without having first obtained an open burning permit is in violation of 7-33-2205 MCA, is guilty of a misdemeanor (7-33-2206) and is subject to a term of imprisonment not to exceed 6 months in the county jail or a fine not to exceed $500 or both pursuant to 46-18-212 MCA.

Please visit www.burnpermits.mt.gov to obtain your burn permit.

Open Burning Allowed without a Gallatin County Burn Permit

Recreational and Heating Fires: Small recreational fires in controlled areas and construction heating devices. A recreational fire (camp fire) must be less than 3 feet in diameter with 6 foot flame heights.

Burn Barrels: Burn barrels are a metal barrel of less than 60 gallons with a screen covering the top, at least 10 feet from all flammable material. No material may be burned in a burn barrel that is prohibited under state law.

Recreational and heating fires and burn barrels are prohibited during county-wide burn bans imposed by the Gallatin County Commissioners.

Please visit www.burnpermits.mt.gov to obtain your burn permit.

Burn Bans

Almost every summer we experience a period of significant fire danger due to dryness and weather conditions. There are many fires that can be safely burned in this time but we just can't take the chance because fires can get away so quickly, as was shown when the Jackson Creek fire started from a resident burning some leaves and grass. (There wasn't a burn ban in effect at that time but there sure could have been.) So please humor us and bear with us and we will rescind the ban as soon as we can.

There are two types of burn bans that may be in effect. When a County-Wide Burn Ban is enacted by the county commissioners, ALL outside burning is banned, INCLUDING burn barrels and campfires or recreational fires. This is rarely done. More frequently, a ban may be enacted by the Fire Chief of your area. Burn barrels and recreational fires are not banned during this time but it would be a lot safer for everybody if you refrained from burning anything outside during this time.

When burn bans are enacted in the National Forest lands, they can have Stage 1 or Stage 2 restrictions and when Stage 2 restrictions are in place, all fires are prohibited. Also, you may not operate a motor vehicle off a designated road or trail. Click on the link above to find out more about these levels of burning bans.

If you have any questions about the status of the burn ban or what is allowed or prohibited, do not hesitate to contact Chief Cech at 406-587-0236.

Please visit www.burnpermits.mt.gov to obtain your burn permit.

Click on Fire_Restriction_Chart.pdf to learn about Stage 1 and Stage 2 fire restrictions.
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