Burn Permit

Gallatin County Burn Permit Service

The Gallatin County Burn Permit Service provides citizens with instant access to county burn permits. Permit holders will be able to add multiple burn location to a single permit and can even print their permit at home or send the permit to themselves electronically by entering an email address.

Citizens may purchase a burn permit using a debit/credit card or an electronic check (eCheck). They will also be able to activate their permit online at www.burnpermits.mt.gov or by calling the county's new automated phone system at 1-877-306-BURN (2876). An interactive map is also available to allow citizens and county personnel to view all current bury activity within the county.

Visit www.burnpermits.mt.gov to
· Purchase or activate a permit
· Add multiple burn locations to a single permit
· Print and/or email your permit
· View active burns within the county
· Activate your permit online or by calling 1-877-306-BURN
· Pay with a debit/credit card or an electronic check

Visit www.burnpermits.mt.gov for more information and to purchase your burn permit.

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